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亚博电子竞技网站_【深度】半年投入6亿换来0胜+耻辱纪录 留给泰达的时间不多了
名称:亚博电子竞技网站_【深度】半年投入6亿换来0胜+耻辱纪录 留给泰达的时间不多了

Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, September 29. "Professional relegation" Tianjin TEDA’s trip to the Super League has probably entered a countdown. After constantly refreshing the team history and even the worst record in the entire Super League, many fans have no expectations for this team.


3 draws and 11 losses! TEDA did not win a game, ending the first stage of the league like a nightmare. While writing the worst record in team history, TEDA also set a number of "disgrace records" in the Super League: the only team that has not won so far this season, and the team with the worst record in the first 14 rounds in the history of the Super League.


Why did this veteran Chinese Super League team, who won the FA Cup, fall to the current situation?


The epidemic has affected the systemic pre-season preparations, the lack of head coaches and foreign aids, the departure of the main players such as Wagner and Mattijiang, and the midway change of coaches causing team turmoil... These are all obvious reasons, but not the root cause , You know, many teams have faced similar difficulties with TEDA this season, such as Chongqing Modern, but in the end Chongqing bucked the trend, with a wave of five-game winning streak setting a record in team history, and locked in the championship group ahead of time. Seats.


The "root disease" of Tianjin TEDA lies in the chaos and non-professional management.


TEDA is most criticized for signing. In the past, TEDA was regarded as a “small business model” by the outside world, but according to sources, TEDA’s investment in the last three seasons has not been low. The investment in each season is about 1 billion yuan, which is above the middle of the Super League. In the first half of this year, TEDA invested about 600 million yuan, which does not include the recently introduced fees of Ahmedov, Lima, and Suarez.


But judging from the introduction of players, especially the domestic aid, the money spent is a lot, but it is embarrassing to use it. In the past three seasons, TEDA has almost used up the quota of internal aids, but the more than 20 players that have been attracted either have long-term injuries, are not registered, or are transferred to the reserve team. For example, Zhang Chiming, who has spent huge sums of money, only played about 10 games for TEDA and is currently in the reserve team; Lei Tenglong, who has an annual salary of 10 million before tax, is reimbursed for the season after only playing for ten minutes; and he receives a high annual salary before tax. Che Shiwei's technical level is unacceptable to the fans, and naturally it is difficult to get a chance to play; young players such as Cao Yangzheng and Chen Guokang have hardly showed their faces in the race since they were introduced.


Large-scale signings not only failed to improve TEDA's player structure and enhance the team's combat effectiveness, but constantly refreshed the lower limit of performance. This has to make people question the scientific, pertinent, and effective TEDA signings. Some players reported that TEDA was slow to sign up this season. After learning that Wagner would leave the team early, he could not find a foreign aid to replace him as soon as possible; TEDA obviously lacks a structured midfielder in recent seasons, but it just squandered money. Buy a forward; before the season, many players went to TEDA for trial training, but some players who performed well in the trial training were not retained.

大规模签约不仅未能改善泰达的球员结构并增强球队的战斗力,而且不断刷新性能下限。这必须使人们质疑科学,相关和有效的TEDA签名。一些球员报告说,TEDA本赛季签约很慢。得知瓦格纳(Wagner)会提前离开团队后,他找不到外援来尽快替换他。 TEDA显然在最近几个赛季缺乏有条理的中场球员,但它只是在浪费金钱。购买远期;在赛季开始之前,许多球员去了泰达进行试训,但是一些在试训中表现出色的球员并没有被保留。

The newly-introduced players have high salaries, but have not made their due contribution to the team, and some of the main old players who have played for TEDA for a long time have an annual salary that is not as good as the new players who have just entered. Competence and salary are inverted, and conflicts and imbalances are inevitable. As the team has been invincible for a long time this season, the accumulated pressure and conflicts have concentrated on erupting, and the team's fighting spirit has been lost and spirits have been lost. When the head coach Wang Baoshan was asked a few days ago what was wrong with the team, he said bluntly that "the players' desire to win and the style of the game need to be improved."


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It is understood that TEDA's introduction of domestic and foreign aid is mainly concentrated in the operation of two brokerage companies. From the perspective of industry insiders, a team’s signings are controlled by one or two brokerage companies, which may have two negative effects. One is that players are easily unblocked and controlled, and the other is that benefits may be transferred and corruption may occur.


In terms of management, some players reported that good training and good condition may not be able to play games, it depends on the relationship. When Stillik was coaching, after he determined the starting roster of 11 people, the rest of the players in the 23-man roster were determined by the Chinese coaching staff. Who can enter the roster, there is a lot of room for manipulation and human factors. And entering the list means having the qualification to share the bonus. It is understood that the distribution of winning prizes is also determined by the Chinese coaching staff and team leader.


What puzzles many fans is whether TEDA has a scientific and democratic decision-making mechanism on major issues related to signing, renewal, and employment? Is there "one word" and formalism? When the team has problems, who should be held accountable? It is understood that the signing of TEDA has always been dominated by China, and the pre-season preparations and training are also the specific responsibility of the Chinese coaching staff. However, when the league began a few rounds without victory, TEDA fired the foreign teacher team headed by Stillik, and the Chinese coach The group does not seem to take any responsibility.


Now that the first stage of the Chinese Super League has all ended, it is really embarrassing to look back at the TEDA club’s goal of "striving to reach the top four of the group in the first stage" at the beginning of the season. According to industry insiders, according to the normal input-output ratio, TEDA's entry into the top four of the group is a reasonable goal, but the final ranking in exchange for it is the last one in the first stage of the Super League.


The poor record and the shameful record are not only a true reflection of the player's level of competition, but also a direct manifestation of the club's management ability. The league knockout is coming soon, and there is not much time left for TEDA. With the coach and players almost impossible to change, there is almost no room for TEDA to adjust. Regardless of whether it is ultimately downgraded or relegated, only drastic adjustments and reforms at the thinking and management levels can TEDA fundamentally change the status quo and outlook.


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